I've Got the Blues

Lately I’ve been experimenting with indigo dyeing. The deep blue color itself is intoxicating but what I really love is the transformation that occurs (much like my fascination with the changes during the felting process). When you first pull the submerged fiber from the vat, it is emerald green, (like the left side of the before and after picture below). Then as the fiber slowly oxidizes it turns the brilliant blue color we associate with “indigo.”

While indigo is most associated with dyeing fabric (think jeans, cloth etc.) I’ve been experimenting with dyeing wool in all of its stages (roving, skeins of yarn and finished felted pieces.)

After dyeing some roving, I applied some of it to a knitted vase in cream. To my delight, when the felting process was complete, the vase looked like it had a marbling effect. And so, the Marmo (marble in italian) vases were born and are now available in my shop.

I feel like I have just skimmed the surface with this wondrous dye, I can’t wait to see what happens with my next vat. Stay tuned!

Laura Berkowitz GilbertComment