Lattina votive

Lattina votive


The Lattina Collection is a study in contrasts: creamy wool/cherry red insert, matte wooly felt/high-gloss painted metal. What a delight!

This votive dish is hand knit from 100% wool. It is then put through the felting process which transforms the vase from a loose floppy item (think knit sweater) into a semi-sturdy dense felted structure (pure magic!).

A tin can is upcycled and transformed with high-gloss auto body paint and used as the insert for a pop of color. Simply fill the container three-quarters full with water and gently place the votive so that it floats on the surface. 

Dimensions: Approximately 2.75" tall and 3.5" diameter

Includes: 1 tea light (100% paraffin-free, aluminum cup is recycled and recyclable)

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