Magro Vase

Magro Vase

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This vase is hand knit from 100% wool. It is then put through the felting process which transforms the vase from a loose floppy item (think knit sweater) into a semi-sturdy dense felted structure (pure magic!).

Magro's simple straight shape is made even more intriguing by the tactile quality of the wooly felt. A glass vase is included to use with fresh flowers in both the large and small sizes. Try it with a blossom or plant cutting. (A horizontal-oriented blossom would provide a nice contrast to the vertical vase, like the hindu rope plant cutting used in the ebony magro vase photo.) Use both sizes together for added variation to complete a table setting.

Dimensions: Approximately 8.5" tall and 2.5" diameter - large; 4.5" tall and 2" diameter - small



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