Rotondo Tray

Rotondo Tray


What do you do with the rocks, shells, pinecones etc that you collect on your hikes and beach walks? Do they languish in the junk drawer forgotten, doomed to never to see the light of day? 

We are here to help! This series of plates and trays were created to help you display your bounty in informal groupings. Place a group of pinecones in the Rotondo Tray or those beautiful shells. Or use the tray for more mundane things like toiletries in your bathroom. By creating a landing area for your discoveries, order is easily created out of your beautiful disorder. 

This tray is hand knit from 100% wool. It is then put through the felting process which transforms the vase from a loose floppy item (think knit sweater) into a semi-sturdy structure (pure magic!). 

Dimensions: Approximately 8" in diameter and 1.5" tall 


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